Rules and code of conduct


  1. The hunting practice of “walk and stalk” is to be applied during all hunts.
  2. Shoot one animal at a time. Make sure you have the first one before going for the second one.
  3. Once the hunter has fired a shot, the bird must not be approached immediately. Wait until the other hunters in the group has stopped firing.
  4. Strictly no shooting is permitted within 300m of any of the following: any vehicle, any lodge, camp or buildings and any gates.
  5. No hunting outside designated areas – stay in the block you were placed
  6. No foreign hunters are permitted to hunt on the reserve unless escorted by a licensed PH & Outfitter.
  7. No animals may be followed across boundaries (internal or external) whether wounded or not without specific arrangements with the hunting coordinator.
  8. No animal may be hunted that is not on the quota
  9. Hunting may only be conducted in the presence of a local guide and/or licensed PH.
  10. Hunting times are from sunrise to half an hour before sunset
  11. No hunting on Sundays.
  12. Hunters are not permitted to hunt under the influence of alcohol.
  13. All tips or gifts for trackers must be given to them in the presence of management.
  14. No loaded firearms on vehicles or any place mentioned in paragraph 4. (“loaded” meaning any ammunition in the magazine or breach)
  15. Due to the dogs walking in front of hunters, hunters should keep their shotgun breached until the last moment.
  16. It is the hunters’ responsibility to make sure there are no animals or people behind the one he is aiming at.
  17. Hunting guides are there to guide the hunter and get him a clear shot of an animal. They are not responsible for mistakes concerning incorrect species



Every Jagermeister should:

  1. Tell the truth and be a hunter of your word.
  2. Obey the law
  3. Always hunt on foot and under the dictum of fair chase.
  4. Always be sure before committing.
  5. Always respect the animal as hunters have done for thousands of years.
  6. Be safe and act in an ethical manner, value all aspects of the hunt.
  7. Care about the thoughts of others.
  8. Encourage others to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  9. Hunt with responsible companions
  10. Leave clean camps and clean impressions. Remember to pick up your shells in the field.
  11. Respect natural resources and people.
  12. Share your game and memories.