Feed the poor

FEED THE POOR 2020’s date will be announced as soon as we can guarantee pigeon numbers.

What’s FEED THE POOR all about? We are surrounded by more than 7 trust areas from here to the other side of Hammanskraal and see these people every day as they struggle with their tight budget of only R500 – R3000 per month to feed their families. The only thing that we can do to help them is if we stand together for 1 day, doing something that we love, and while doing that, feed 100’s of people.

What’s the plan? The pigeons and doves are concentrated by the thousands as the first sunflower fields are drying. If we can get 100 guns for the day, together we will be able to shoot +-1000 doves, which will feed 500 poor people already. We are working together with the churches in the trust areas and with their help we will know which people are in need.

When is the action gonna take place? Date will be announced as soon as we can guarantee large numbers of pigeons.

Where is it gonna happen? On the Springbok flats near Settlers. Exact locations will be send ones you make the booking.

What is the cost?
Only R350 entry fee includes:

  • 1 Day pigeons and dove shoot
  • You are welcome to bring a tent for Saturday night and join in for the evening.
  • “Pap en Sous” Saturday night included– bring own meat

What do I need to bring?

  • Gun & Ammo – We have 4 guns for hire
  • Picnic basket for Saturday’s lunch
  • Lots of energy and sunscreen

Where do I book?

Be part of something BIG!!!             Book now!!!!!!!




Lets make this day an thrilling experience to remember, while helping someone in need.

For more info contact us:

Joost and Janine Pretorius
Beulah Wingshooting
082 469 7937