Ground birds

Ground birds and pigeons are being hunted in Limpopo where the terrain consist over a variety of sweet thorn bush veld trees and open grassland with high bird population. Generally speaking you have a 90% of shooting your bag limit with our well trained hunting dogs, depends on the season and of course the shooter. We offer rough shooting, meaning one has to work for your birds, but this will obtain good results at the end of your hunting day.No. 4,5 or 6 shots are ideal for Guinea fowl and No.7 shots for pigeons and doves.


Our concessions consist from a variety of sweet thorn bush veld trees where the challenging Guinea Fowl hide, to the open grasslands where the dogs can work to find the Francolin. Custom made packages can be arranged.

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SPECIES                                                BAG LIMIT                                         HUNTING SEASON

Guinea fowl 10 per day 1 May – 30 Sept
Crested Francolin 6 per day 1 May – 30 Sept
Swanson’s Francolin 8 per day 15 June – 30 Sept
Rock pigeon 50 per day All year – peak season  Feb – May