Meet the team


Meaning of Beulah: Consecrated to God, married to the land -Isaiah 62:4



Joost Pretorius – Founder of Beulah / Professional Hunter

Growing up in the countryside, as a young boy Joost always had a self made knife, ball bearings and a kettie in his pockets. Joost started hunting at the age of 5,  shooting birds with his homemade kettie. Even when he was old enough for the family air gun, every time after taking a shot, he had to run back home for somebody to help him re-load the air gun because he was not strong enough, but that didn’t stop him from hunting. Later in life when he upgraded to the .22 and sold the upland birds to the farm workers for pocket money. Joost has a welcome personality and socializes easy with people.

“Hunting is in my blood, but through the process I’ve learnt that nothing comes easy in life and that you have to earn your shot.”

Jonas – Field Guide / Dog handler

Jonas is kind, loyal and friendly to everyone he meets and hunts with. He is a great dog handler and has a loving heart for animals. He grew up among the birds on the Springbok flats while his mother was working in the crop fields. An excellent guide in the hunting field and he can truly think like a bird. 

Jonas is brilliant with the dogs, and with him the saying must be changed to: “A dogs best friend”