Hunting checklist

[powr-weather id=687c285f_1461295512385]HUNTING GEAR

  • For wing shooting – Shotgun, preferably 12ga, not smaller than 20ga. Plains game or big 5 – 308 Rifle or bigger
  • Ammo: English No.4 or No.5 (Ground birds) and No. 7 (pigeons and doves)
  • Bird vest, shooting jacket or waistcoat
  • Hat or cap
  • Jersey or light jacket
  • Warm jacket for very cold days and after the hunt
  • Hunting clothes, loose fitting, sturdy, dark khaki or olive drab colored clothing works fine. RealTree, Max4 and Sniper camo are recommended
  • Light gloves
  • Very comfortable worn-in light leather or canvas, not heavy winter lined walking boots. Waterproofed preferable.
  • Thick hiking socks. One pair per day.
  • Be able to dress in layers
  • Chaps  Gaiters
  • Sunglasses / shooting glasses
  • Sunblock
  • Insect repellent spray
  • Binoculars for plains game and big 5 hunting


  • Airline ticket
  • Completed (in black ink but not signed) South African Police Temporary Firearm Import documents SAP 520. (We can provide the application forms).
  • Credit card, ATM card and travelers cheques.
  • Passport
  • Proof of ownership / registration of your rifle/s or shotgun/s
  • Travel / health insurance documents.


  • A pillow case to keep dirty laundry in your suitcase is handy
  • Casual clothes and shoes for everyday wear
  • Digital Camera battery charger and memory cards. (South Africa uses 220 volt wall outlets so you may need a step up transformer for your chargers etc. and the necessary adapters. Plug in shavers will work same as everywhere else in the world
  • Malaria tablets if applicable
  • Personal medication
  • Personal Toiletries