Situated on the Springbok Flats in the Limpopo province, we offer the complete wing shooting experience. Our business was established in 2007 and since offer hunts throughout South-Africa.
With our wide range of specials and packages, each individual client will have something to look forward to. 

We specialize in wing shooting, game hunting safaris and African tour options.
We are a committed and sustainable hunting practice and strive for professional service and most important – quality hunts !

Make a booking as a client, go home as a friend.

Joost Pretorius answer a few questions about Beulah Wing Shooting

How long have you been at Beulah Wing Shooting, and what compelled you to get involved with the lodge?

JP: We started the business on the family farm in 2007 after a friend introduced us to a his English Pointer and after a while got a puppy of our own. After that we only did day-hunts for the locals. It was only in April 2017 when we opened the refurbished farm house for clients from around the globe. My wife and I designed and renovate the house ourselves.

What’s a typical day of hunting like at Beulah Wing Shooting?

JP: For ground birds we start our days at 6am with breakfast. PH pick up the hunters in the lounge at 6:30am and take them to one of the fields for the first hunt. Our fields are a variety of sweet thorn bush veld trees  where the challenging Guinea Fowl hide, to the open grasslands where the dogs can work to find the Francolin.

The hunting groups are typically 3-4 in a group and hunt with 2 dogs at a time with what we like to call a walk-up hunt. You can expect to shoot 6x Crested Francolin, 8x Swainson Francolin and 10x Guinea Fowl according to the Provincial bag limit per gun per day. After three hours in the field, the hunters are brought back to the lodge and lunch is served.

After a nap at 3pm the PH pick up the hunters and take them to a new area for the afternoon. We make sure that hunters never hunt the same field twice while they are with us. At 5pm the hunters return to the lodge to enjoy refreshments. Dinner is served from 7pm.

What aspects of your operation seem to impress guests the most?

JP: Firstly the quantity of birds promise world class shooting and second the meals and the personal attention to each client.

What is your favorite item on the dinner menu?

JP: Francolin pie

What part of the job do you find the most gratifying?

JP: Working with the dogs and finding each bird with a perfect shot that follows, is extremely satisfying.